1. Where will the transitions area be located? 

The transition area is located in the grassy area on the west side of the pool.

2. Where should we park? 

Parking is available in the Aquatic Center Parking lot across the street from the transition area. Please make sure to park in the parking lot as on street parking will not be permitted during the time of the race.

3. How we will start the swim portion of the race?  

When you register for the MAC Triathlon, you will be asked for your approximate 500m swim time. The swim order will then be determined based off the swim times of each participant. Please try to put in a time that is as close as possible to your actual swim time; this will help with keeping the swim portion moving and will lower the need for passing in the pool.

4. Is it okay to pass in the pool during the swim portion?

Yes, you can pass during the swim portion. However, when registering for the race, please try to put in your swim time that is as close as possible to your actual swim time to help lower the need for passing.

5. Should I wear a wetsuit? 

Since the swimming portion will be in outdoor pool, a wet suit is not needed. However, wetsuits are allowed.

6. How will the snake swim work in the pool? 

The swimming portion will start at 8:00 am. Participants will be lined up in order of their approximate 500m swim time.  Every 5 seconds, a new participant will be allowed to enter the pool. When swimming, you will swim down and back in one lane and then switch to the next lane and swim down and back; you will continue this until you reach the end of the pool (500m).

7. Will we be allowed to ride our bikes in and out of the transition area? 

You will need to carry your bike in and out of the transition area.

8. How will the bike route be marked?

The bike route will be marked with duck-taped arrows throughout the course. There will be signs on the road to caution drivers of the race in progress.

9. How will the running route be marked? 

The running route will be marked with MAC Triathlon Arrow signs. Remember to run to the sign and then follow the direction of the arrow.

10. How do I know which gate to exit and enter at the transition area?

The east gate of the transition area will be the enter gate. The north gate of the transition area will be the exit gate. When you are leaving for both the biking route and the running route, you will exit using the north gate of the transition area.  When you are returning from swimming and the bike route, you will enter through the east gate of the transition area. 

11. Will there be an informational meeting prior to the start of the event?

Yes. All participants will need to meet on the deck of the pool at 7:50 am to go over all the details of the race (i.e. what gates to enter and exit; how to enter and exit the transition area, etc.). However, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

12. When is the transition area open? 

The transition area will be open from 6:45 am until 7:45 am. All participants must have their transition area set up by 7:45 am. 

13. When do I pick up my race packet?

Packet pick-up is Friday, June 8 from 5:00 - 7:00 pm at the Ramada Inn-Mitchell. Please make sure to pick-up your packet Friday evening as there will be limited packet pick-up on Saturday morning at the Mitchell Aquatic Center.

14. Where is the Outdoor Mitchell Aquatic Center?

The Outdoor Mitchell Aquatic Center is located at 1201 E. Hanson, Mitchell, South Dakota 57301.